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Past Workshops

Below is a partial listing of past offerings of workshops, groups, classes and professional trainings that Sylvia Israel and IMAGINE! Center's adjunct staff have had the opportunity to lead. We are available to present any of these at your site, or at the IMAGINE! Center for Creativity and Healing.  Continuing education hours are available.

Acting Outside the Lines
Explore the infinite possibilities of acting in new ways, while honoring our well-worn patterns.

Coming Out Workshop
In a safe place, learn about the process of exploring sexual identity, share thoughts and feelings as you are comfortable, discuss fears and strategies in coming out to others and find valuable support in the process.

Couple's Workshop
Using Drama Therapy to Enhance Relationships. Identify and develop skills to work through obstacles to intimacy, learn and practice powerful communication tools, re-connect with the spirit and playfulness in your relationship and honor the sacred.

Creating Happiness In Your Life
Drawing from the principles of the book, How We Choose To be Happy, use creativity, expressive arts, spiritual practices, introspection and imagination to cultivate seeds of happiness.

Cultivating Heart and Mind Wisdom in Times of Conflict
Using psychodrama, guided imagery and movement, embody and practice the roles that help us navigate conflict while remaining connected to our inner truth.

Cultivating Wisdom in Everyday Life
Access our deepest knowing and practice applying wisdom to everyday interactions using psychodrama, drama therapy, expressive arts, guided imagery and meditation.

Drama Therapy for Professional Development and Personal Growth
Learn concrete, powerful and playful techniques for creative problem solving, in-depth exploration of conscious and unconscious roles, and the development of spontaneity, playfulness and creativity.

Techniques include: the use of projective devises such as masks and puppets, working with metaphor, specifically adapted theater games, improvisation, role-play and psychodrama.

Driven to Extremes: Alleviating Anxiety and Depression
Explore and understand how our perceptions become fixed and extreme in highly emotional situations and experiment with creative solutions to find balance using cognitive behavioral and drama therapies.

Flourishing through School and Internships.
A short-term group using drama therapy and psychodrama for students, trainees, or interns who would like to enjoy the process and learn to cope with the challenges.

Getting Into the Action: Blending Drama Therapy with Other Expressive Arts.
An experiential day for expressive arts therapists using movement, sandplay, writing, music and art who would like to add drama.

Healing Grief: An Expressive Arts Approach.
Psychodrama, drama therapy, mask?making, movement, creative writing, storytelling and ritual will be woven together as a model for facilitating various stages of grief. Participants will learn how to integrate these into their work and acquire tools for both containment and full expression of emotions.

Healing Grief: Our Relationship to the Holocaust.
Find the strengths that help us cope with knowing the unimaginable and create an altar and prayer flags to honor our grief and hope. Explore ways to relate to the Holocaust, with the purpose of increasing our capacity to be present to all aspects of life.

Integrating Action Methods into Your Work.
Bring case examples and experiment with adding action methods such as-doubling, role?reversal, containment in action and use of props-to your work in therapy, business or education.

Introduction to Psychodrama.
Learn about and experience a psychodrama session.

Introduction to Psychodrama: Opening Our Hearts.
Practice opening the heart a little wider, to ourselves and to others, using guided imagery and psychodrama.

Keeping a Spiritual Focus Through the Holiday Season: A Day of Sandrama.
Working with our own sand tray and miniatures, let our imaginations create the vision of what our soul craves at this holiday season. Psychodrama adds depth and a full body experience.

Mindfulness/Loving-Kindness Drama Therapy: Joining Two Practices.
Practice forgiveness and loving-kindness towards self and others using Buddhist principles, guided meditation, drama therapy, sandplay and ritual.

Opening the Heart: Creating Love and Laughter- A Drama and Movement Therapy Workshop.
In this experiential workshop, use movement, authentic dance, drama therapy and psychodrama to explore the ways we create distance, and how to find and develop connection.

Psychodrama Therapy Group.
Experience the power and support of a psychodrama group. Issues addressed include: relationships with self and others, family of origin, empowerment, self-esteem, giving and receiving support, connection to spirituality, relief from anxiety and depression, creativity and play.

Psychodrama and Action Methods Training Group.
Psychodrama Training is designed to augment and increase clinical skills and provide a theoretical understanding of the change process.

Reclaiming Our Spirits Through Action.
Identify the wounds that hold us back from realizing our innate potential and nurture the strengths that make change possible using drama therapy, psychodrama and creative arts.

Recovery In Action.
Through the use of psychodrama, sandtray, art and movements participants (women and men who have been actively involved in any 12-step recovery process for at least one year) explore personal issues that arise as they work through the steps.

Replenishment and Renewal for Nurses: Staying Present in the Face of Pain, Anger and Frustration.
Gain a deeper understanding of what triggers our responses to tremendous loss, grief, anger, fear and physical pain, and experiment with creative solutions to dealing with challenging situations using psychodrama and expressive arts.

Telling Our Stories: A Playback Theater Evening .
Bring your story and watch it be enacted, take part in dramatizing someone else's story or enjoy being an audience member. No acting experience needed.

The Art of Play.
Rejuvenate with specially adapted theater games for fun and relaxation in a supportive environment.

The Next Step.
Using sandrama (psychodramatic sandtray), explore what our dreams tell us about who we are, where we are and what we need to know about taking that next step.

What Is Drama Therapy and How Does It Relate To Psychodrama?
Through experiential exercises and discussion, learn how these two fields intersect and differ. 

Psychodrama: Your Family and You

Sharing Our Stories, Opening Our Hearts

Meaning and Magic: Transforming Relationships

Playback Theater Workshop

Spirituality in Everyday Life

Using Action Methods in Individual Therapy



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